A Multi-Level Converter with a Floating Bridge for Open-Ended Winding Motor Drive Applications

Authors(2) :-K Reddi Ekambaram, C. Md. Shareef

This paper shows a dual three stage open end winding induction motor drive. The drive comprises of a three stage induction machine with open stator stage windings and dual extension inverter provided from a single DC voltage source. To accomplish multi-level output voltage waveforms a floating capacitor bank is utilized for the second of the dual extensions. The capacitor voltage is controlled utilizing excess switching states at half of the principle dc interface voltage. The primary controller (master controller) is designed as a Fuzzy logic controller. This specific voltage proportion (2:1) is utilized to make a multi-level output voltage waveform with three levels. An altered modulation conspire is utilized to enhance the waveform nature of this dual inverter. This paper likewise thinks about the losses in dual inverter system conversely with single sided three-level NPC converter. At last, point by point simulation and experimental comes about are exhibited for the motor drive working as an open loop v/f controlled motor drive and as a shut loop field oriented motor controller.

Authors and Affiliations

K Reddi Ekambaram
M.Tech / Department of Power Electronics: (Vemu) Vemu Institute of Technology (CTR), P. Kothakota Near Pakala, Chitoor, Andhra Pradesh, India
C. Md. Shareef
Associate Professor Project Guide, Department of Eee, Vemu Institute of Technology, P. Kothakota Near Pakala, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India

Field Oriented Control, Floating Bridge, Open End Winding Induction Machine (OEWIM), Space Vector.

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