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A Scalable Approach for Encrypted Query Routing on Encrypted Databases


Arun Kumar Silivery, Suvarna S
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Online applications are powerless against robbery of sensitive data since adversaries can abuse programming bugs to access private information, and in light of the fact that curious or malware administrators may catch and break information. CryptDB is a framework that gives practical or provable confidentiality even with these attacks for applications backed by SQL databases. It works by executing SQL queries over encoded information utilizing an accumulation of effective SQL-aware encryption models. CryptDB can likewise link encryption keys to client passwords, with the goal that an information item can be decoded just by utilizing the secret key of one of the clients with access to that information. Accordingly, a database administrator never accesses decrypted information, and regardless of the possibility that all servers are compromised, an enemy can't decrypt the information of any client who isn't signed in. An investigation of a trace of 126 million SQL queries from a generation MySQL server appears that CryptDB can support operations over encoded information for 99.5% of the 128,840 columns found in the trace. Our assessment appears that CryptDB has low overhead, decreasing throughput by 14.5% for phpBB, a web forum application, and by 26% for queries from TPCC, contrasted with unmodified MySQL. Fastening encryption keys to client passwords requires 11 13 special pattern annotations to secure more than 20 sensitive fields and 2 7 lines of source code changes for three multi-client web applications.

Arun Kumar Silivery, Suvarna S

DBMS server, CryptDB proxy server, SQL-aware Encryption and Adjustable Query-based Encryption

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 8 | November-December - 2017
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2017-12-31 2395-1990 2394-4099
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129-135 IJSRSET173842   Technoscience Academy

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