Electronic Health Monitoring System

Authors(2) :-Dr. D. V. Rojatkar, Sneha M. Tawade

This chapter to introducing the health monitoring system. It presents an overview of health care technologies that enable the advanced patient data acquisition and management of medical information in electronic health records. The chapter presents the most important patient data saved. While special focus is placed on new concept of intelligent healthcare platform ( i.e, advanced data mining, agents and context- aware system) that provide enhanced means of medical data interpretation and manipulation. The chapter is concluded with the areas in which electronic health care system are anticipated to make a difference in the near future.

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. D. V. Rojatkar
Electronics And Telecommunication Department, Government College of Engineering, Chandrapur Maharashtra, India
Sneha M. Tawade
Electronics And Telecommunication Department, Government College of Engineering, Chandrapur Maharashtra, India

Temperature sensors, Pressure sensor, Heart beat sensor, GSM,monitoring proteus8, LCD.

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