A Survey on Social Media Content Analysis

Authors(1) :-Sapna Mittal

Social media might even be a platform wherever folks will specific their opinions and concepts and communicate with others from all over the globe. Social media will receive text, audio, video and pic formats. Social media promoting might even be the simplest way that created it achievable for corporations to introduce their merchandise and services at intervals web, and reach a community and customers that they will not reach with ancient promoting channels. Content analysis on social media will facilitate corporations to form their marketing ways that corporations will verify the recognition of their merchandise and sentiment analysis are usually accustomed study the public response regarding the company merchandise.

Authors and Affiliations

Sapna Mittal
Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Post Graduate Department of Computer Science and Applications, R.S.D College, Ferozepur, Punjab, India

Social Media, Social Media Content Analysis, Web-based social networking

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Date of Publication : 2017-07-30
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