A Review in Various Approaches of Feature Extraction and Feature Fusion in Multimodal Biometric System

Authors(1) :-Deep Kumar

Biometric system is the field of digital image processing that has been used in various applications of security and surveillance. In the process of biometric authentication various approaches have been used for biometric traits based matching. Face, finger, iris and voice are the biometric traits that can be used in the process of biometric recognition system. Due to forgery various attackers are capable of forging biometric sample that allow them to break security available at any application. To overcome this issue multimodal biometric system based concept has been introduced. This process use combination of at least two biometric traits features so that better security system can be developed that can used under those application where high security must be required. In this paper various approaches have been studied that has been used for feature extraction andfeature fusion.

Authors and Affiliations

Deep Kumar
Software Engineer, Igniva Solutions Private Limited, Mohali, Punjab, India

PCA, Minutiae, GA, FFT and Gabo filter

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Date of Publication : 2017-05-30
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