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Experimental Study on Durability Properties of Concrete with Nano Fly ash and Kadapa Stone Powder


B. Ramadevi, Dr. S.M.V. Narayana, T. Naresh Kumar
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In the specification for concrete the grade of concrete quantity of cement to be used, aggregate quantities, consolidation are being mentioned now a days. [2,5]The depletion of natural materials for manufacture of cement and the drawbacks of OPC demand for a durable concrete. The day is not far away then the people demand for a concrete with specifications for mentioning the standards of Chloride permeability/resistance, Water permeability, Acid resistance, Alkaline, Sulphate resistance etc. To make concrete economical, there is a need to use the supplementary materials for imparting Strength and durability to cement/concrete. In order to reduce the environmental problems that are caused by the large scale production of OPC, there is a direct need to use supplementary cementing materials, which are locally available. [3,8,9]In the present study, Kadapa Stone Powder , which is rich in Calcium in used along with Nano Fly Ash to replace partially the cement in M30 grade concrete and an attempt is made to study the durability properties namely acid resistance, Chloride permeability and Water permeability. The OPC is replaced by Kadapa stone powder from 5 to 15% and Fly Ash from 20 to 40% seperately and the combination of these two materials.

B. Ramadevi, Dr. S.M.V. Narayana, T. Naresh Kumar

Durability, Fly Ash, Kadapa Stone Powder, Chloride Permeability, Acid Resistance, Water Permeability

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Published in : Volume 4 | Issue 1 | January-February - 2018
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2018-02-28 2395-1990 2394-4099
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139-145 IJSRSET184144   Technoscience Academy

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