Performance Evaluation of IDEA encryption model under different Fading Channels

Authors(2) :-Jagruti A. Patil, Prof. Manish M. Patil

With the introduction of the computer and communication, huge amounts of digital information are gathered and stored in giant computer databases and transmitted between computers and terminal devices connected together in complicated communications networks. Without acceptable safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of certain information posses risk because data are vulnerable to interception, deletion, modification or addition throughout transmission. Need of a secured data transmission for exchanging information from one user to the other is increased because of advancements in processing and communication technology. The access of objects in encryption technique relies on key properties that are the basis for communication and authentication. The authentication requires the secured key for data encryption which should be possessed both by user and group. In Wireless Networks, numerous algorithms are used to encrypt/decrypt the message. In this paper the performance of international data encryption algorithm is checked. In proposed algorithm message is split into number of blocks. First block is encrypted using International data encryption algorithm (IDEA) and remaining blocks are EX-ored with the first block. The encrypted data is modulated using BPSK modulation and performance is evaluated in terms of bit error rate and throughput on Additive White gaussian Noise (AWGN) channel.

Authors and Affiliations

Jagruti A. Patil
P.G. Scholar, Department of E&TC, Gangamai College of Engineering, Dhule, Maharashtra, India
Prof. Manish M. Patil
Assistant Professor, Department of E&TC, Gangamai College of Engineering, Dhule, Maharashtra, India

IDEA , AWGN, Nakagami, Rayleigh, Rician,Fading, BER, SNR, Throughput.

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