A Survey on State of the Art Methods of Fingerprint Recognition

Authors(2) :-Urmi A. Soni, Mahesh M. Goyani

Fingerprint recognition is one of the most well-known and publicized biometrics for personal identification and authentication. With the advancement of technology and for security purposes in various civilian, defence and commercial applications, fingerprint recognition is studied since a long time. Since second millennium BCE when fingerprints were used as signature, researchers have done studies on different aspects and features of fingerprint. This paper specifies a literature survey of the widely used techniques in fingerprint recognition system. Some of the renowned techniques of feature extraction and matching modules are discussed in deep.

Authors and Affiliations

Urmi A. Soni
Computer Engineering Department, Government Engineering College, Modasa, Gujarat, India
Mahesh M. Goyani
Computer Engineering Department, Government Engineering College, Modasa, Gujarat, India

Fingerprint recognition, Minutiae points, Fingerprint classes

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