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Smart Public Transport Management System Via IOT Based Automation


Senthil Ganesh R, Vinoth Kumar K, Vijayagopal N, Prithvi Raj K, Mohanasundar R
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In most of the countries, the common medium of travelling is done by public bus transport. The loss due to the public bus transport management system is pretty much higher. This paper concentrates mainly to reduce the death caused by over loading of the bus, accident caused due to travelling in foot board via automation and ticket automation in a smart way. By using the transportation smart card which we have proposed, we automate the ticket issuing process to the passenger and money transfer is made cashless. The cashless payment is already existing method which is used in different application and has also been used in foreign bus transportation system, but the drawback is it has less security. Ticket automation can reduce the cheating done, that is travelling without taking ticket and taking ticket for nearby stop and travelling for far distance in a crowded bus. The death caused due to the travelling in the foot board is also a serious issue that has to be noted. We propose a method of automating the door opening and closing of the bus only at the bus stop without the help of the driver. We use a future generation technology named Internet of Things (IoT) for the communication purpose, which helps in monitoring the arrival and departure of the bus to each and every stop and to maintain the passenger details. The cloud is used to store the database about buses and the passenger.

Senthil Ganesh R, Vinoth Kumar K, Vijayagopal N, Prithvi Raj K, Mohanasundar R

Public transport management system, Transportation smart card, Automation, IoT

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Published in : Volume 4 | Issue 7 | March-April - 2018
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2018-03-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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43-47 IJSRSET1844180   Technoscience Academy

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