The Condition of Women In Ancient Indian Society

Authors(1) :-Shailendra Kumar Yadav

The status of any society and nation can be assessed by seeing the condition of females there. The credit for the glorious Satyagai society of ancient times can be attributed to the higher status of females. It is clear from the perspective of Vedic texts that then there was a sense of freedom and equality in the society, women were seen in respect of respect and reverence at every level. They had opportunities similar to men, and they also used to take part in every field. From homework to agricultural administration and yagya karma to spiritual practice, none of them were untouched by the impression of their distinctive personality, talent and skill. On the basis of their multi-dimensional achievements, they used to communicate the energy of their caste and make their invaluable contribution in empowering their society and the nation. In Vedic literature there is mention of his role and contribution in the form of a daughter, sister, wife and anywhere in the form of mother. And somewhere he reveals his domination in the form of a ministerial sage.

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Shailendra Kumar Yadav
Ancient History Department of Culture and Archeology, Allahabad University, Allahabad, India

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