Upanayan Samskar in Indian Culture

Authors(1) :-Deepchad Yadav

Sanskars are of great importance in the upliftment of Indian culture, it can be observed in general about the situation of the country and the social status of foreign countries. Although the word of this rite is not very ancient, because its mention is not found anywhere in the ancient texts such as Rigvedada, but at that time there were some rites of the modern age, but there was no such name as their sacrament. In some sources, some religious acts like marriage, conception and funeral are described. In the Yajurveda, only the Shrut Yagna is mentioned. Description of marriage, funeral and conception of rites in Atharvaveda is more than Rig Veda. We get the mention of religious acts of Upanayan Samskaras in the Goptha and Shatpath Brahmins. The sacrament of convocational education is found in the Taittiriy Upanishad.

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Deepchad Yadav
RSanskrit Department, Allahabad University, Allahabad, India

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