Harmless Disposal Techniques of Radioactive Nuclear Wastes - A Review

Authors(1) :-Anil R. Saradva

In present time radioactive wastes are major problem for nuclear power countries of the world. Radioactive waste is usually a by-product of nuclear power generation and other applications of nuclear fission or nuclear technology radioactive wastes are defined as any material that contains by radionuclides at concentrations or radioactivity levels greater than the exempted level, based upon protecting public and worker health. Any material that is classified as a radioactive waste is required to be controlled to its uses, management and disposal, and also be isolated from the human environment for as long as necessary. Such wastes are produced from many processes in society but there are only a few which produce significant quantities of highly radioactive wastes.

Authors and Affiliations

Anil R. Saradva
Assistant Professor, The H. N. S. B. Ltd. Science College, Himatnagar, Gujarat, India

Radioactivity, Nuclear Reactor, Nuclear Wastes, Spent Fuel, Fission Wastes, Reprocessing, Fast Reactor

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