Study of Blockchain Technology In Internet of Things

Authors(1) :-E. Padma

In the modern world data are exchanged and transformed without any protection in the digital world. Nowadays, more businesses are committed through online system. The digitization of data can be carried through the centralization and decentralization process with higher protection. All the data can be stored through blocks with transaction history as BlockChain. In a BlockChain the transaction can be simplified with peer-peer network that excludes the involvement of third party. As a new way of communication technology through sensors and actuation object, IoT has been taken its tremendous way of exchanging the information. Security and Privacy policies are to be maintained in their operational feature. The trusted party can be integrated with a chain of link for accessing the information. With the advent of security for high speed networks, smart homes, smart healthcare, the IoT has gained wide acceptance and popularity as the main standard. IoT deployment contains heterogeneous devices with embedded sensors interconnected through network. In this paper, a survey of IoT with Blockchain technology can be implemented for decentralization with high transparency. The security issues are categorized as low-level and high-level for decentralized data. Blockchain technology has been foreseen by research community and plays a major role in controlling and securing IoT devices. Blockchain technology can be worked out for permissible and non-permissible key users. The centralized users can use public Blockchain. The important underlying technology is bitcoin and as a survey in this paper, how the performance feature of Blockchain technology can be worked out for Bitcoin can be discussed. The IoT security and challenges may provide proper solution for the outcoming problems. The Blockchain can be timestamped and validated with a constraint. The main contribution involved in the paper can be summarized as analysis of security threats for decentralized users, IoT security issues with low-level and high-level, how to overcome with Blockchain security attacks. The security threats in IoT exploit Vulnerabilities of different components as software based applications, physical devices. In a distributed system, the decentralized data can be exchanged between each user by using separate key values. The generation of keys can be designed with certification. The keys are stored in a transaction history using blocks. A global security mechanism for various IoT protocols can be implemented interoperably.

Authors and Affiliations

E. Padma
Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, SCSVMV University, Enathur, Tamil Nadu, India

Security, Bitcoin, IoT, Blockchain, Protection of Data

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Published in : Volume 4 | Issue 8 | May-June 2018
Date of Publication : 2018-06-30
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