A Review on Bast Fiber Reinforced Thermosetting Matrix Composite

Authors(2) :-Snehlata Pandey, Atul Kumar Tiwari

The development of natural resources occurs due to biodegradability, ecofriendly and good strength to weight ratio in the engineering products. Natural fiber is obtained from various parts of the plant such as bast, leaf, seed, fruit, stalk, grass etc. In the present work take an overview of the characterization of the BF like failure mechanism, manufacturing process & overall properties. It deals with the potential energy absorbed by the natural fiber reinforced composite material. NFRC material replaced the various synthetic fiber. According to the literature survey the various work was carried out on the BF which shows its importance comparatively with the other fiber extract from the plant. BF is used as the reinforcement and thermoset epoxy used as matrix

Authors and Affiliations

Snehlata Pandey
M.Tech Scholar, Mechanical Engineering Department, Sagar Institute of Technology and Management, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, India
Atul Kumar Tiwari
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Sagar Institute of Technology and Management, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, India

BF, NFRC, Potential Energy, Reinforcement

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