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We glad to announce that the International Journal i.e. IJSRSET Scientific Journals were developed with the aim to assist researchers to grow at all levels – research scholars, scientists, professors, post-docs and students who are seeking publishing opportunities for their research work.

The journals aim to publish a broad ranging open access journal Fast and efficient online submission, rapid publication High visibility, Expert peer-reviewed research that will serve to create a innovative information of the human dimension to disseminate in the society and has an International repute.

We are Registered; Abstracted and Indexed reputed international Online Journals/Publications.
IJSRSET Journal is equally interested in the Science, Engineering and Technology and industrial viewpoints, and focuses especially on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields.

The editors of our journal have long-standing and distinguished careers in their respective fields. The editorial board members and external reviewers of our journal are committed in providing unbiased, rapid evaluations of the submitted manuscripts to shorten the duration between the submission and final publication. Therefore, the authors will certainly have a pleasant and intellectual experience working with our editors and reviewers.

Finally I conclude that there is a need of the open platforms worldwide for sharing global thoughts. I request your kind self to look into this matter seriously.

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National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2017(NCAME 2017)

National Conference on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering 2017( NCETCE 2017)