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Effect of Soil Structure Interaction on Steel Moment Resisting Frame Designed By Performance Based Plastic Design Method


Surti Devanshi A., Dalal Sejal P.
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This paper presents study of seismic design considerations and design methodologies for steel moment resisting frame by performance based plastic design method with consideration of soil structure interaction. Performance-Based Plastic Design (PBPD) method has been recently evolved from the Performance based seismic design (PBSD) to achieve enhanced performance of earthquake resistant structures considering the participation of inelastic state of the material. The concept of design is mainly based on pre-selected target drift and yield mechanism as performance criteria. Performance Based Plastic design depends on “strong column-weak beam” theory, in which the pattern of failure is pre-determined. The various parameters of soil structure when included in PBPD method gives better approach towards the method. A brief study on effects of soil structure interaction on steel moment resisting frame is presented in this paper.

Surti Devanshi A., Dalal Sejal P.

Pre-selected target drift, Yield mechanism, Strong column-weak beam concept, steel moment resisting frame, PBPD, soil structure interaction.

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Published in : Volume 4 | Issue 5 | March-April - 2018
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2018-04-10 2395-1990 2394-4099
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185-190 CE032   Technoscience Academy

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