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Solving Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers


K. Sangeetha, Priyadharshini. T, Mayuriya. S
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In this paper, we introduced a Ranking method using Robust Ranking to find the fuzzy optimal solution of unbalanced fuzzy transportation problem. The modification to Vogelís Approximation method for obtaining initial solution to the unbalanced transportation problems are described by many words, the main aim of fuzzy transportation is that the least transportation cost of the commodities through the capacity of the work with the supply and demand of the consumers.

K. Sangeetha, Priyadharshini. T, Mayuriya. S

Fuzzy Transportation problem, Robust Ranking technique, Commodity, Demand, Trapezoidal fuzzy number.

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Published in : Volume 4 | Issue 4 | March-April - 2018
Date of Publication Print ISSN Online ISSN
2018-04-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
Page(s) Manuscript Number   Publisher
244-249 IJSRSET184434   Technoscience Academy

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